Coppermine Soccer Club

a commitment to excellence

Coppermine Soccer Club offers its players opportunities to play and develop through technical, physical, and mental training both on and off the playing field. The Coppermine Soccer Club focuses on individual skill development and team play. Our goal is for players to turn potential into excellence through quality coaching, training, and competition. Players practice at least twice a week and compete against local, regional, and national club programs in leagues and tournaments throughout the year.


Develop proper technique and skills

Technique is one of the most important parts of the game and needs to be second nature to players if they want to play at a high level. Soccer players come in all shapes and sizes but what often separates the best players involve masterful skill and technique. 

Development tactical awareness

Tactics are learned through coaching and play that help a player develop field and game awareness. Players use tactical awareness to enhance their style of play.

Develop fitness and endurance

Soccer is a physically demanding sport that requires both strength and endurance. Our goal is to teach and promote healthy fitness, through cardio and strength training, to maintain healthy athletes throughout the year. 


Coppermine Soccer Club is a soccer program that operates from August to June with competition and training throughout the playing year. 

There are generally three different seasons with outdoor in the fall (August through November) and spring (Late February through June). Older teams will often stay outdoor in the winter (December through early February) with younger teams playing futsal and indoor soccer. All teams train throughout the year. During the summer months, we offer optional summer soccer camp and clinics. 

We provide strength and conditioning programs for our players specific by age and body type. We provide important health and nutritional information to our players to maximize their abilities on and off the field.


Costs vary by team and by season. Parents should expect to be committed to $750.00-$3,000.00 annually. Please contact for additional information on specific costs per team.


All of coaches are licensed and credentialed through U.S. Soccer or equivalent and participate in professional development throughout the year. Coppermine Soccer provides our coaches with a club-wide curriculum with best practices from MSYSA, US Youth, and our professional affiliate, Southampton F.C. Through our Coppermine Soccer Club goals, each week we have coach planning sessions to incorporate all of our expertise and provide our players with a mixture of different playing styles, training sessions, and variety. We believe this is essential to our players and their development to learn and grow from different coaches and trainers within our club system. Our club coaches also give back to our surrounding communities and volunteer parents to provide coaching clinics to better serve our growing club players and surrounding rec programs.

Coppermine has two grass roots programs built into the club system to provide an organic transition for developing players to become competitive and challenge at regional and national levels. Our coaches take pride in teaching and instructing younger players to get them to achieve excellence on the field.